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What We Do

Solomon Sports specializes in NCAA representation, compliance and sports legal matters.  There are so many issues that are unique to coaches, administrators and universities, that specialized help is necessary to protect all of their interests.
Coaches Representation

Solomon Sports has been representing coaches for over two decades and has assisted its clients in all aspects of career managmement.  All coaches are different, and have different goals for themselves and their families.  Solomon Sports works with the coaches to help them get to where they want to be.


Having a seasoned lawyer that only specializes in NCAA representation and issues not only protects the coaches, but supports them as they try and reach their career goals.


With Solomon Sports, coaches only have to worry about coaching - we do the rest!

Head Coach Responsibility

The NCAA requires that all coaches personally develop a compliance plan for their specific programs in order to comply with the rule.  If a coach does not have documentation of their compliance plan, as well as documentation of its upkeep, then they are in violation of the rule.


Solomon Sports has installed its "Head Coach Responsibiliy" program at schools across the country and can make and impliment a plan for a specific program, or for an entire department.


And if the NCAA ever questions a coach's compliance Solomon Sports will defend its program against the NCAA free of charge.


Administrator Representation

When a new job opens up, administrators have the exact same needs as a coach: 


-  Determining if the job is a good fit

-  Getting materials in front of the right person

-  Interview prep

-  Negotiating a fair salary

-  Negotiating a fair term

-  Need to understand the market

-  And more...


Solomon Sports helps administrators with all these issues and also helps after the administrator is in place to assist with any compliance and legal matters.

NCAA Compliance

NCAA hearings and investigations are very similar to a legal trials and investigations.  As such, having a compliance plan prepared by an experienced litigator provides a protection that can't be matched by those without that experience.


Solomon Sports is ready to assist with particular compliance issues, or to even consult on a department-wide compliance plan.


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