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Frequently Asked Questions



Why do I need Solomon Sports?


     Coaching is a full-time profession – so is being an agent.  You should have someone working as hard off the field as you are working on the field, guiding your career in the direction you choose.  At Solomon Sports, we stay on top of the industry, mapping out opportunities and making sure that you are inline to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise. 


What is the primary benefit of having Solomon Sports as my representation?


     While helping coaches and administrators throughout the job search process is a big draw, the negotiating and drafting of your contract is arguably the most important service that Solomon Sports provides.  Your contract is the only thing protecting you and your family.  You cannot rely on relationships with administrators or even your past record to ensure your job security – only your contract can do that.  Because of this, at Solomon Sports we spend as much time as necessary hammering out language beneficial to our clients – never backing down from challenging language that could be detrimental to you.


     Further, as a top negotiator, Myles can secure greater value out of a contract negotiation than you can secure for yourself.  And once the negotiations are over, every coach and administrator’s personal relationships with their superiors is still in tact because of the buffer that Solomon Sports provides throughout the process.


I don’t think I’m ready to make a move; why do I need Solomon Sports?


     Even though you may be two, three or even five years away from being ready to take that next career move, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be getting prepared for that day. 


     At Solomon Sports we start your preparation by getting your name in front of all the major search firms now. That way, when you’re ready, you are a known entity to the people who matter.  Further, with athletic directors as clients, Solomon Sports can run you through a mock interview process with the people who make the decisions – the AD’s.


     Finally, when making that big move, you want to make sure that you know and trust the person who is going to be speaking on your behalf (not just in the job search process, but in the negotiations as well).  Relationships are built over time, and when you’re taking a huge step, you want to make sure that you really know who is in your corner.


I’m an assistant coach who just signed a multi-year contract; why do I need Solomon Sports to look over my contract?


     Regardless of who you are, if you are signing a contract worth more than $100K a year, you need to have it reviewed by a lawyer.  This due-diligence is for your protection.  As a coach, you need a lawyer who only deals in collegiate coaching contracts to review your contract.  This field is highly specialized with specific language and concepts that a lawyer who doesn’t specialize in these contracts may not understand. 


     And remember, even if money is not negotiable, the language of the contract is always negotiable.  There may be phrases that, if left unchecked, could mean the difference between getting let go and being owed three years of salary or being owed nothing.  

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